Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 are the new smartphone OS from Microsoft, it using the new kernel compare to windows phone 7 and windows mobile. It is said that windows phone 8 are the emerging smartphone OS and different compare its predecessor. I can say that it has its own unique interface with its livetile UI. It is simple and very neat compare to ios and android UI that heavily relied on grid icon and widget(for Android cases).

A. Architecture

Architecture of Windows Phone 8 whose using windows NT as its core are like this.

windows NT

There is three mode in this kernel, kernel mode, executive and user mode. Although I don’t know about windows phone 8 architecture, I conclude by using windows NT kernel to explain it.

Kernel Mode

In kernel mode, this is where the system get in touch with the hardware, it is the same with Android in kernel and HAL. This is the core of the system after all. Kernel mode is the place where the system works on the hardware, this is the heart of the system, while comparing to Android and iOS, the kernel mode of the Windows NT kernel are quite simple.


The purpose of this layer as a bridge from kernel and user mode, executives may carry out the basic kernel system as well as to bring out the application to make them properly. There is no Virtual Machine like in Android, it makes the application will be carried out to its full potential without getting lag and unresponsive.

The Executive interfaces, with all the user mode subsystems, deals with I/O, object management, security and process management. The kernel sits between the Hardware Abstraction Layer and the Executive to provide multiprocessor synchronization, thread and interrupt scheduling and dispatching, and trap handling and exception dispatching. The kernel is also responsible for initializing device drivers at bootup.

User Mode

User mode in Windows NT is made of subsystems capable of passing I/O requests to the appropriate kernel mode software drivers by using the I/O manager. Two subsystems make up the user mode layer of Windows NT: the Environment subsystem (which runs applications written for many different types of operating systems), and the Integral subsystem operates system specific functions on behalf of the environment subsystem. Kernel mode in Windows NT has full access to the hardware and system resources of the computer. The kernel mode stops user mode services and applications from accessing critical areas of the operating system that they should not have access to.

B. Features

Compare to windows phone 7 and windows mobile, there is a lot of improvement right here and there for windows phone 8. It is because Microsoft change its kernel to the windows NT, that makes them using hybrid kernel as an system architecture, compare to Android, whose using monolithic kernel and BB10 that using microkernel.

  1. Support NTFS and 128-bit encryption: It makes windows phone 8 has the advantages when it comes to encryption and storage system
  2. Multitasking: Compare to Android’s multitasking, Windows Phone 8 multitasking are different, while in Android the applications running simultaneously, windows phone simply makes them pause to preserve the memory and making the system running smoothly when using highly-consumed memory application.
  3. NFC support: It is the same with Android, windows phone 8 support NFC system to make the device can connect easily.
  4. LiveTile UI: Live Tile UI has all the notifications can do and making the user home screen interactive enough.
  5. Kids Corner: Microsoft has specified the windows phone 8 for parental use. It is useful to make parent can show their children their phone without fear of pornography content.
  6. Room: A feature use to group or multiple user messaging.
  7. Xbox Live: The only game-dedicated feature in windows phone, it has the function like game center in ios environment with more wide purpose.
  8. Nokia Maps: The maps used in windows phone, I can say that it is on par with google maps. Moreover, it support offline maps and voice-guide.
  9. DirectX 10: Maybe this is a weapon for windows phone in terms of gaming experience, using the PC API to handle multimedia task.

C. Conclusion

While the smartphone OS war begin fierce, I think windows phone 8 has its own uniqueness.


  1. LiveTile UI: a simple, neat and Live UI making the windows phone different than the others mobile OS.
  2. Xbox Live and DirectX: It is an advantages for the user whose using Xbox, and it has bring great experience to the user in terms of gaming.
  3. Quality application: This is the advantages of the closed-source mobile OS environment, Microsoft sees the application whether it is good or not to publish it on the appstore.
  4. Full support of office application: It is good for businessman and for student when they are away from PC or too lazy to open their notebook.
  5. No lag and force close, all of the application running smoothly.


  1. No customizable launcher and themes, all of Windows Phone 8 interface are the same, as well as the features
  2. lack support of full HD video, but it will be support in windows phone 8.1.
  3. No file manager, the system will assign the files in their appropriate application, although it means we can only set the files in PC or notebook.
  4. Right now, only Nokia, HTC and Samsung whose build the device.
  5. Region lock service, this is annoying when all of the people out there can freely go in and out of the country as long as their visa are valid, while their competitor not using region-lock service.



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